John ~ San Diego, CA

I'm very impressed with the business software included in your startup kit. I've found it to be instrumental in creating a high quality product with ease. I especially like the flexibility you have provided in your reporting which has allowed me to create all the reports I need and add my personal touch. Thanks so much for speaking with me on the phone the other day to answer my questions, your outstanding support is very much appreciated! 

Kathleen ~ Orlando, FL

Thank you so much for making my home inventory business possible with your product. I almost gave up after purchasing a competitors startup kit when their software kept crashing my computer. I'm so glad I found your website! I've been using the business software almost every day and find it simple to use and extremely reliable. My clients are quite impressed with the inventory reports and final product we created using your software and materials. You clearly have the competition beat!

Dana ~ Richmond, MI

Thanks for responding so quickly to my questions both before and after purchasing your product. Now that I have been using your product and professional business software I'm confident that I did the right thing by returning a competitors product and purchasing yours. Thank you for an outstanding product and support network through your business owner's message board, I'm already making some great connections and friends.

Karen ~ Honolulu, HI

Thank you so much for providing such a high level of support. I really enjoyed speaking with you and found your advice and direction extremely helpful.

Jim ~ Modesto, CA

I'm truly grateful for finding your product which has made starting my new business much easier than I anticipated. Your materials and plan have provided the guidance and insights we needed to stay focused. My son who is the computer wiz in our family helped by reviewing your software and the others available for this business. He found your software to be the best for numerous reasons and as novice computer users my wife and I find it very easy to use.

Carol ~ Pleasanton, CA

As an independent insurance claims adjuster who also does personal asset documentation, I'm very satisfied with your startup kit. The business materials and Home Journal Business software are excellent. I evaluated many software products for inventory purposes and found that your reports provide a far superior format that is preferred. Your reporting formats will allow the claims adjuster to evaluate a claim very efficiently. Thank you for a super product!

Meagan ~ Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Thank you for the fantastic startup kit. I started out working part-time on weekends and now have enough business to quit my full-time job. I had no idea it would be so easy to get clients! Your marketing guide is full of great ideas.

David ~ Dade City, FL

Your software and business kit was exactly what I needed. I recently lost my job and have been searching for something I could do on my own. I couldn't be happier to be my own boss and schedule appointments when they are convenient. I'll never miss another one of my kids games again! Thank you very much.

Thomas ~ Slidell, LA

Hurricane Katrina has made everyone in my part of the country realize how vulnerable we all are to natural disasters. I've been looking for the right part-time business opportunity since retiring and I've finally found it. I actually have more business than I can handle and have scheduled appointments four weeks out. Your entire package from the software to the instructions have been very simple to follow. Thank you so much.

Sara ~ Port Arthur, TX

I'm a stay at home mom who started out doing only a couple home inventories a week for a little extra money. I currently have so many requests for my service that I'm training several friends to help me out. I encourage any other moms out there to give this one a try, it's very simple and the money is wonderful.

Elizabeth ~ Tuscon, AZ

Awesome! I placed one flyer on a bulletin board in a retirement community and the calls just keep coming in. I'm afraid to do any more advertising because I may get too busy. I'm planning to hire several people this year to build upon the great start of this business. Thanks for the great idea and for the excellent support along the way.

Jane ~ Summerville, SC

I can't thank you enough for your home inventory business kit. I'm thoroughly enjoying running my own business and making all the decisions. The profits are great and I've enjoyed meeting so many new people. I've been extremely busy from word of mouth business and the referrals from my local insurance agent.

John ~ Topeka, KS

Thank you for making this business opportunity available for such a small investment. My business has grown significantly since beginning about 15 months ago and I'm just now adding college students to my staff to lend a hand. Just as you suggested, college students are a great way to fill the demand of a growing business and they figure out how to use the software almost instantly. Thanks again.

Bryan ~ Virginia Beach, VA

Many thanks for getting me started on my own business. I went from working overtime almost every week to working as much or little as I want during any given week. I love the freedom this business offers as well as the excellent profits.

Sonja ~ Winter Park, CO

Thanks for your fantastic product which has truly changed my life for the better!

Carl ~ Medford, MA

Just a quick note of thanks for your outstanding home inventory business kit. I've been able to quickly turn a part-time job into a full-time family business that we all enjoy and are proud to own.

Glenda ~ Hayden, ID

I received my kit yesterday as promised!!! and I MUST say that I am thoroughly impressed! Whoever put the kit together did a stellar job. I will have no problem in getting this off the ground due to the thorough way in which things are organized and the caliber of information you provide. When I went through your kit, I felt such a great deal of relief, I just had to tell you how happy I am! Thank you so much. I'm sure as I get going, I'll have questions, and I plan to take advantage of all the resources you have provided.

A+ Rating